Make a wooden vector texture in 7 minutes

In the begining

  1. Prepare the work area. Remove all unused colors and gradients.
  2. Create three global wood color (it will be easier to edit the picture).
  3. Create two layers: the background and the worker. Place a rectangle of the lightest color on the background layer. Lock the layer...

Step 1: Draw the main circles

  • Make a circle
  • Apply the radial gradient. Paint it so that the dark color was in the center.
  • Copy the circle and place it in front. Then slightly reduced radially.
  • Repeat this procedure until you get the picture similar to the pattern of a tree. Accuracy here is not very important.
  • With the gradient tool adjust the fills in each circle so that the image became uniform.
  • Squeeze all the circles vertically
  • With the Warp Tool (finger mode) make the circles a bit uneven. Be careful to maintain the appearance of the gradient. To set up the Warp Tool double click on the icon.
  • Use the gradient tool again to adjust the gradient.

Step 2: Finalizing.

  • Probably, you will need not only circles, but also straight part of the tree.
  • Actually that is the same as described above. But you have to use the rectangle instead of the circle and linear gradient instead of the radial.
  • This shape filled the space between the circles.

  • In the end - you may copy a part of the image to get a broader texture.

Step 3: Make a wooden tiles

  • Of course the texture of wood can not be continuous. This is determined by the width of a tree trunk. So you have to decide on what boards you should "cut" your texture.
  • I divided it into 4 parts. I put the finished image in a rectangle and copied 4 times.

  • By changing the size, location and angle of the texture I made slightly different tiles. Then combined them into the one.

Step 4: Make a pattern

Maybe you already stop at step 3 but you may continue. Now I made a pattern for the resulting object.
  • Collect all objects on same layer.
  •  Place the rectangle of equal size without a fill and stroke below all objects
Drag to color swatch palette to make a pattern

  • Drag all the objects in a color palette. So there is a new pattern.

Step Five: Changing the color

  • Select all objects
  • Open the color editor Edit> Edit Colors> Recolor Artwork
  • Select the mode Edit> Link harmony Colors and change the color for the entire image.

  • If necessary, you can turn off Link harmony and change colors separately.
That's it! Thanks
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